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JAMA integration (1)
JIRA issue import status (1)
Drill through issues export and columns definition (1)
Stacked need to be for more than 3 columns (1)
Ability to specify global colors for specific measures (3)
Ability to size a pie chart, based on the number of records in the pie (1)
Give Data Access Roles deeper integration (2)
Embed on Medium (3)
Could Topics in the Community forum - 'Answers and Questions' section be marked as answered? (4)
Possibility to use REST connector to get trending data (4)
Ability to create folders in user defined measures (3)
Ability to set permissions at the report folder level (6)
New chart type: radar (or spider) (2)
User Restrictions on Certain Dashboards/Reports (3)
Ability to expand window size of define calculated member formula box (3)
Nested Sort - per multiple columns (2)
Increasing timeout in Cloud, and allowing timeout setting per report (1)
Export reports from Confluence (2)
Warning when leaving report without saving (2)
Copy calculated members (2)
Option to define custom color schemes (2)
Autocomplete for calculated member editor (2)