Feature Requests

Usage reports showing the size of each cube in all accounts (3)
Release Burndown Report (3)
Notifications based on triggers (2)
Better Folder Structure and Navigation! (2)
Jira issues in table reports - icons & links (2)
Highlight table cells with "contains" function (2)
MDX Helper tool or visual aide (2)
JIRA issue import status (3)
Kanban Features! (3)
JAMA integration (2)
Ability to size a pie chart, based on the number of records in the pie (3)
Ability to filter report result from Total Column (2)
Stacked need to be for more than 3 columns (4)
Drill through issues export and columns definition (2)
Ability to specify global colors for specific measures (3)
Embed on Medium (3)
Could Topics in the Community forum - 'Answers and Questions' section be marked as answered? (4)
Possibility to use REST connector to get trending data (4)
New chart type: radar (or spider) (2)
User Restrictions on Certain Dashboards/Reports (3)
Export reports from Confluence (2)
Warning when leaving report without saving (2)
Copy calculated members (2)
Option to define custom color schemes (2)