1 hierarchy member shows for Calculated Custom fields

I’m trying to make a custom calculated field that shows a value from a parent epics Checkboxes field. When I try using this calculated field, it only shows 1 hierarchy member, as it’s not returning any values.

I’ve used the same approach with another field in epics that uses a Select list (single choice) which works perfectly.

for reference, i’ve tried this without multiple values selected and i’ve tried ; as a delimitator and using text instead of string

These are the settings which I enter in the Custom Fields section of the Jira import options.

My hunch is it’s something about the checkbox field or it could be that this new calculated field has been added via the Jira Import Options of an account, rather than a globally accessible field for all accounts.

Hi @Thomas_Roberts

There is no direct way to import multi-value custom issue link field dimensions.
You can read more on this here in our documentation: Import issue links
And also, here in the description of the example Javascript code: JavaScript calculated custom fields

Although not recommended, a possible workaround would be to create several linked Epic dimensions- one custom field for each of the Checkbox options. The Javascript code for one of such fields would be as follows:

if (
  issue.fields.customfield_15690 &&
  issue.fields.customfield_15690.length > 0
) {
  var chboxfield = issue.fields.customfield_15690;
  for (i = 0; i < chboxfield.length; i++) {
    if (chboxfield[i].value == "Checkbox 2") {
      return "Checkbox 2";

Import these fields as single value fields (remove the checkbox for “Multiple values” and you should be able to use them in the report side-by-side:

Let me know if this workaround produces the expected results!
Nauris / eazyBI support

Thanks, is there a difference between adding the Javascript calculated custom field (as described in your link) vs adding a " Calculated Custom fields" via the source data section?

I suspect the simplest option for me regarding the checkbox is to change the field type in Jira to a dropdown, since it doesn’t actually make sense for the values to be multi selectable.

Hi @Thomas_Roberts

The main difference is that the custom field defined in the Advanced settings will be available for import in all the accounts, while a custom field defined in the Source Data section will only be available for that particular account.

Changing the field to a single-select type field in Jira would be the best option and would allow you to import these members into one Dimension, which you can then use in your report.

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this!