2nd dimension in row : how to have only the sum


I have a table with two dimension in row : Parent Issue Type and Component (Project dimension).
For Parent Issue Type, I have a line “Produit” with parent issue type is Story ou Enabler and another line “Transverse” with parent issue type is Task.
For the second dimension, I have all components.
Is it possible to list all the component for the line “Transverse” and have just one line with the sum of all components for the line “Produit” ?


Hi @B0gs,

You can mix up different result aggregation levels (Total vs. individual Component) for specific rows by creating a new calculated measure in Measures and describing when to show value and when not.

For the calculation, you might use the condition CASE WHEN parent issue type is Produit, and no individual component OR parent issue type is not Produit THEN show value for Hours spent END.

The expression might look like this:

    [Parent Issue Type].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name = "Produit" AND
    [Project].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = "Project"
  ) OR
  [Parent Issue Type].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name <> "Produit"
  [Measures].[Hours spent]

More details on CASE when and calculated measures are here: Calculated measures

Now you might want to adjust the report and add the Project level (one above Component) to see the Total at the Project level for parent issue type “Produit”. To do this, select the Project level for the report rows and then choose the option to Expand all.
In the report, choose to Hide empty rows. The report layout might look like in the picture below:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com