A measure like story point guideline

when I use Sample Sprint Story Points burn-down, there is a measure with “sprint story point guideline” name. Can I create a measure like this for a custom field that has number type ?
(I want to create a burn down chart with a custom field (with number type) instead of story point)


Yes, it should be possible to switch the burn-down report to any other numeric custom field from Jira. You should check the data import options of the Story points in the data import screen and reproduce the same settings with your custom field:

After the next data import you should have all the measures needed for switching the formulas to the new measure. You can do that by first creating a new set of measures similar to the “Sprint story points …”. This set should be with identical formulas, just by replacing the name in the measures “Story points” with your “Numeric field”.

For instance, the “Numeric field committed” formula would be:

( [Measures].[Numeric field added],
  [Transition Field].[Sprint status],
  [Sprint Status].[Active],
  -- An issue was in a sprint at a sprint start time
  [Issue Sprint Status Change].[Future => Active],
    [Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date')

Janis, eazyBI support