Ability to have text boxes in Dashboards for Reporting


It’d be really useful to be able to have a dynamic text boxes supporting markdown that can be added between reports on dashboards for when we want to export a PDF with commentary to be sent around say on a monthly reporting cycle.

This would enable us to set up a dynamic report then just simply update 2 or 3 boxes with commentary each month before sending the PDF export around to stakeholders.

Be great if this is something that would be possible? I’ve tried exporting via confluence both with several embedded reports or an entire dashboard but the export doesn’t utilize the entire width of the page so the reports end up a bit difficult to read.

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Hi @Andy_Pass

You can add a report description to each report and dashboard. It supports Markdown and will be exported together with the report or dashboard during the PDF export.

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Nauris / eazyBI support

Hi Nauris,

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve used that already, was looking to be able to add a similar thing but multiple ones throughout the report, so effectively the same functionality but being able to drag and drop multiple ones into different parts of the report :slight_smile: