Ability to schedule cube empty and full reload

Hello Eazybi,
Due to the immense growth of eazybi at my location, a full import is not possible during business hours. A helpful new feature is the ability to schedule an automatic empty of the cube, and full refresh. I would like to run this at a scheduled time over night. The cube empty process and data refresh start could be separate processes, or together.

Hi @Chuckcox12

The full import is quite a resourceful process, therefore, the regular import by default is designed to be incremental. There are quite specific cases when the full reimport is needed frequently.
Our main goal would be to improve the way how we update data in those cases to avoid mandatory full reimports rather than encourage performing them more often.

Would you mind describing what situations require regular scheduled full data reimports in your case? That would help us to better understand where the improvements are needed.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

Hi Ilze!!
There have been some situations in the past where I have added a new custom field or an additional dimension where I need to re-load the full cube to bring it all of the history. My main account is so large now, a full cube re-load takes upwards of 4-5 hours, so it cannot be done during work hours. I would want to do this during off hours.
The ability to schedule a cube empty and full re-load would help with this.

Hi @Chuckcox12,

I agree that full data reimport for larger accounts might take a significant time.

In case of a new custom field, you can add it to the data import options and Save the changes without Importing them right away.
The next scheduled data import will fetch the new configuration.

If you would like to limit that no data imports are executed during some hours (e.g., during high load hours of Jira), then specify either disabled_hours or enabled_hours. See more details in the documentation: Advanced settings - eazyBI for Jira.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com