Ability to Search for items in the Table View

Hi There,

In a table view, I want to be able to search for a specific item within a column.

For example, you have the a list of 100 issues in a row and I will like to search and display a certain issue that start with “5G” from the key-summary column.

Right now, we have to press “CTRL+F” to search for a specific item.



You can consider using Rows filter to get only issues (rows) matching a particular criteria. In this case, click on any issue in the table and select option filter by name and select option matches. You can use any part of the name as a match criteria for your case. For example, put 5G there and eazyBI will filter out issues with 5G in the summary.

Here is my example, I used a match by some name patern realted to my demo data:

Daina / support@eazybi.com