Add custome field jira to measure

Hi All
I have done add custom field in epic to accommodate information that is not available in epic. My questions is how to draw that information in eazybi?

Hi @Rahmatdinur
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In case if this field is a standard custom field, then, imported as a measure, it would automatically sum up total values from the epic stories and sub-tasks to the epic level, even if epics themself to not have this field. For that, select Issue dimension Epic hierarchy in the report and use one of imported custom field total measures to get the sum (ending with “[custom field] created”, “[custom field] resolved” , “[custom field] due” : )

If this is some scripted custom field in Jira where you calculate values from stories and sub-tasks to the epic level, you may need to define advanced settings first to allow importing this field into eazyBI, then select it to be imported as a measure and then use it in eazyBI reports. Read here how to import Jira scripted fields in eazyBI:

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