Adding Jira Custom Field as a Dimension

Hi all,

I have a custom field in Jira which is a User Picker field, I am trying to add the field to list of available Dimensions. This is what I have so far…

data_type = “string”
dimension = true

This is not working though, so my question what am I doing wrong? I am assuming that the data type is wrong, but I tried text with no success.

NB: there is another custom field entered on lines 1, 2, 3 above my code. That text field works fine.



In eazyBI, the Jira user-picker custom fields are recognized by default, without the necessity to define them via the eazyBI advanced settings -

Look at the eazyBI import options “Custom fields” tab and see if the custom field is available for import or not.

If it does not appear in the import options, please verify the type of the field and if it is a Jira or a third-party app field and share more information.

Roberts //