Adding staffing capacity for future dates

i have designed the burndown chart which draws the trendline based on historical velocity. this is perfect, now I can see the projected date of completion (based on avg velocity). but my engineering have a plan to pull additional staff in the future to meet the target date. we have this information in an excel sheet. Now I wanted to create a burndown chart based on future staffing capacity.

I have 100 days remaining, with current velocity of 20days/week, we can finish the project in 5 weeks.

but engineering team has weekly plan - they planned weekly staffing plan based on various prioritises

  • week 1 = 20 days/week
  • week 2 = 40 days/ week
  • week 3 = 15 days/week
  • week 4 - 25 days /week.

now projected date is in 4 weeks (based on planned capacity), not 5 weeks (by average velocity).

is there a way I can do this easyBI?

it could become more complex if there are multiple teams . who have different capacity plans.

Hi @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW,

The whole principle of estimated target date planning based on historical velocity implies that team velocity remains stable.
However, there are options for using team capacity from an external data source to forecast the completion date.

If the “Team” is a single-value custom field, it might be possible to import it as a separate table dimension and then import additional data defining team capacity for each week.
Please read more about mapping data to single-value customfield dimensions here - Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

You might create a file with team capacity for each week with the following structure.
One column containing dates of a weekday within the specific week (Mondays, Tuesdays or any other day)
Another column with the Team name or ID,
The third column with the planned team capacity.

After importing this data to the eazyBI data cube, you might use the newly imported measure to find the new target date.

The actual expressions highly depend on your setup.
Please share more details of your Jira setup, progress so far, and requirements for the report in a direct e-mail to the eazyBI support for further assistance.

Oskars /