Advanced Setting after Jira Upgrade

I upgrade Jira from 8.2 to 8.5.4 on another VM, yesterday and now I see eazybi show this Error:
Calculated member formula is not valid
My formulas related to Jira Portfolio and here the specific error for each calculated member:
MDX object ‘[Issue.Portfolio]’ not found in cube ‘project’
As I’m new to the EazyBI service administration, could you help me regarding this issue?
I have some settings in Additional settings, and now nothing exists there. Can I have my previous installation setting from some files inside the server?

Hi @ansar.rezaei!

I am sorry to see this question has not been answered for such a long time!

The problem is that there is no Portfolio hierarchy in the Issues data cube. Please select Portfolio Parent link for import ( and run the import.

Lauma /