Affected Version

Hi - I’m trying to create a simple table/graph that shows issues in a version and issues ‘affecting’ the version. so say i release version 3.0 and it contains 5 issues (stories). We get 2 bugs reported and we mark the ‘affected version’ field as 3.0 and put them in a 3.1 hotfix version. i want to know that we are fixing 3 things related to only 5 stories…i started with the attached but am having trouble finishing. can someone help?

You are using Issue affects versions property for the report. Issue properties (any measure in the section Issue properties) with the name pattern Issue [field name] work with the list of issues on the report only.

In this case, you would like to access the Affects version by Fix version name (or key). Here is an example formula (it will work as expected starting with the version 6.1 you have there) to pull in resolved issues with the same Affects version as Fix version:

([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Affects Version].[Version].GetMemberByKey([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key))

I used a tuple to access the resolved issues of Affects version using the Fix version member.

Here is a training video on tuples. At the minute 18:00 the training covers a similar scenario using an example for a logged time by a user using two user dimensions Logged by and Assignee.

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