Affects version Aggregate Filters for Backlog and Ongoing releases

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Can anyone pls help me to get the count of defects for affects versions in 2 columns(Ongoing releases column and Backlog column).
For example, consider if we have releases name containing 10.2.1 & 10.3 as affects versions in all projects to be grouped as Defects in Ongoing Release. And Rest all versions to be grouped as defects in Backlog.

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We have already discussed this in the support email, so I leave here a summary.

You may want to create two calculated members in Affects Version dimension by Name hierarchy - one for ongoing versions, another for backlog versions. How to create calculated members, read here:

For Ongoing versions, you may want to aggregate either specific members or filter them by a naming pattern; choose one of the following approaches:

  1. aggregate specific members

       {[Affects Version.By name].[10.2.1] ,
         [Affects Version.By name].[10.3]}
  2. aggregate all members by name:

          [Affects Version.By name].[Name].Members,
          [Affects Version.By name].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*10.2.1.*"
          [Affects Version.By name].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*10.3.*"

Check the version names and select the correct hierarchy!

For Backlog, you may want to check if “the rest of the versions” are indeed correct; probably, there are some older versions that should not be counted.
If it is ok, then create one more calculated member in Affects Versions and use the function Except() to exclude ongoing versions from all list of versions:

    [Affects Version.By name].[Name].Members,
    {[Affects Version.By name].[3.0],
    [Affects Version.By name].[4.0]}

(there is used the (1) calculation as the exception; you may use the filtered set from (2) as well).

Finally, put the report together: use dimension you need in rows and those two calculated members together with measure Issues created in columns. In Pages, add Issue Type dimension and select value Bug.


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Thanks @ilze.leite, this helped a lot.


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