Aggregate calculated members containing calculated members (2 level)

Hi everyone,

I struggle with the aggregation of teams based on a JIRA custom field “Leading Team”. The JIRA field is a single select field and contains a list of 24 teams, which is maintained manually (Team A, Team B… Team Z).

I created 3 different calculated members for the dimension “Leading Team” (used in the pages section):

calculatedMember No.1:
Aggregate( {
[Leading Team].[Team A],
[Leading Team].[Team B],
[Leading Team].[Team C] })

calculatedMember No.2:
Aggregate( {
[Leading Team].[Team D],
[Leading Team].[Team E],
[Leading Team].[Team F] })

calculatedMember No.3:
Aggregate( {
[Leading Team].[calculatedMember No.1],
[Leading Team].[calculatedMember No.2] })

I moved the “Leading Team” to the pages section and select “calculatedMember No.3” in the individual members section.

I created a Bar Chart with Measures, Issuetype and Status in the columns section (I know, you should just use max 2 dimensions here) and FixVersion in rows. This works fine as along as I select “all Leading Team(s)”. I see in the drop down for “Leading Team” I see “calculatedMember No.3” with a plus and then “calculatedMember No.1”, “calculatedMember No.2” shows up. So far so good.
But here is the mistake/Problem:
If I select “calculatedMember No.1”, the result is shown for 5 issues and if select “calculatedMember No.2” I see 6 results, so together this makes 11. I would expect to see this exact same number if I select “calculatedMember No.3” since this should contain “calculatedMember No.1” and “calculatedMember No.2”, but it shows the result for all 24 teams.

What am I doing wrong here?

I hope my explanation is understandable. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Badietz
to access members of your aggregate you should use ChildrenSet() function.

If this doesn’t help, please send your report definition to so I can take a closer look at your measures.

Kind regards,
Gerda //

Hi @gerda.zandersone

thanks a lot! That worked! :sunglasses:

Kind regards

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