Aggregate not working for special characters


I am trying to use aggregate ,
But it is not picking up the number since it has a less than character

Aggregate({ [epic Link].[epic].[vps-60789 minor ehancements <120hrs]})

Since I have < in the value it is not picking up.

Please let me know the solution

Can somehelp to resolve the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Anand Lourdes

Character “<” should be picked up by eazyBI in a calculated member. eazyBI uses a full member name to have any data for the member.

In your case, you would like to check the project name. In this member name, [epic] refers to the project level in Epic dimension and addresses the project by name “epic”. Please check if you have a project with the name epic where you have issues with the epic vps-60789. It might be confused with the epic level, that should be used for other cases, for example, when you would like to address all epics in this level.

I would suggest using an autocomplete to get any member full name. Another option would be using a search and bookmark option for any member. Then you can pick the member from bookmarked. eazyBI will add this member with a correct full name.

With this option, eazyBI will add any special parameter exclusions if there will be a need for any.

Daina /