Aggregate Original Estimate/Hours Spent based on custom field in sub-tasks or parent issue


We have different types of issues (to simplify let’s say User Story and Technical Story) that can be split or not in child Sub-tasks.
Fix Version is set only at the parent level, never in the Sub-task.
We have created a custom field called “Activity” to indicate the type of activity we are working on (specification, design, code…). This Activity field is available in Technical Story and Sub-task but not in User Story since they are always split in Sub-tasks with different kind of activities.
So, we have 3 possible cases:

  1. User Story split in child Sub-tasks
    Activity, Original Estimate and Hours Spent are set in the Sub-tasks.
  2. Technical Story split in child Sub-tasks
    If all the Sub-tasks are of the same kind, Activity is set in the Technical Story and then it is automatically set in all the child Sub-tasks.
    If the Sub-tasks are of different kind, Activity is set only in each Sub-task.
    Original Estimate is set either in the Technical Story or in the Sub-tasks (never at both level).
    Hours Spent is set in the Sub-tasks.
  3. Technical Story without child Sub-task
    Activity, Original Estimate and Hours Spent are set in the Technical Story.

We want to build the 2 reports below.

Report 1 : Activity per release
Fix Version
Issue Type
Calculated measures Original estimated hours per activity and Hours spent per activity.

Report 2 : Activity per Issue
Fix Version
Issue Type
Issue (with Issue hierarchy level selected)
Calculated measures Original estimated hours per activity and Hours spent per activity with Activity dimension.

Could you help us to build these calculated measures.

Thanks for your support.

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One additional information that could impact the solution, Fix Version is set at User Story/Technical Story level, never in the Sub-tasks.

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It seems the main problem in the report is using filters based on different levels in the hierarchy.

You have FixVersion values on Parent issues only. However, the data you are looking for is in parent and sub-task issues.

From what I got there, it seems the Activity you already have on sub-tasks correctly, even when you set in on parent. Therefore, the data split by Activity should work by default.

The missing point there seems to be an option to filter by Fix Verison. eazyBI supports creating linked issue field dimension where you can pass down the issue (parent issue) value to linked issues (sub-task issues). Issue linked field dimensions work for several default fields ( Fix Version, Label, Status, Resolution, Issue type, Priority ).

Here is a suggested definition for your case:

name = "Parent Fix Version"
source_dimension = "Fix Version"
issue_key_column = "subtask_parent_key"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

subtask_parent_key will apply the value both for parent and sub-task issues.

Add the Parent Fix Version link field dimension definition to eazyBI advanced settings or ask Jira administrator or eazyBI administrator to do this for you. eazyBI advanced settings are common for all accounts, and only Jira/eazyBI administrators have access to the settings.

Then Open source data Jira import options for edit after changes in advanced settings and select the Parent Fix Version for import in tab Additional options section Issue link field dimensions:

Then you would like to use the new Parent Fix version dimension in the report instead of Fix version dimension. Parent Fix version dimension will have the same structure as default Fix version dimension:

In my case, I am using Fix version for parent issues only as well. I do have estimates on parent issues. I have logged time on both parent issues and sub-tasks. I do not have a dimension similar to your Activity I can use in the report. You should be able to extend the report using Activity dimension on Columns as well.

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