Aggregate/sum is not working on calculated measure when hierarchy selected

Hi Everyone,

I have a calculated measure where I set value for each issue based on particular field is empty or not(values on 1 or 0) then work fine for each issue when rows are expanded
but the aggregate/sum is not happening when there is hierarchy selected all are having 0 is a value

my formula is below

WHEN isEmpty([Issue].CurrentHierarchy.CurrentMember.get(‘Field’)) THEN 0

Thanks in advance

Hi @Leo_Simon

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In the formula, you are checking and mapping the value on issue level , therefore, it does not work with higher levels or with other dimensions.

Do I understand correctly that you want to count all issues having any value (not empty) in the custom field “Field”?
Imported custom field Field as a dimension as well.
Then you may calculate the count of nonemtpy issues using a subtraction from all issues and issues with no value (i.e., counted to (none) member in Field dimension) :

[Measures].[Issues created] - 
([Measures].[Issues created],

Ilze /