Apply date to only 1 measure

I have the following report:

The Pages dimensions are: Time, Issue Type, Issue, Epic Label.
In Rows I have Issue, Time, Epic Status.
In Columns I have “Issues created”, “Issues resolved”, and then 3 custom calculated measures. “Tempo billed days” is basically the existing (“Tempo billed hours”/8)

I would like to have the “Tempo billed days” showing only data from the selected year (in this case, 2023), but everything else (Measures in this case - more specifically “Issues created” and “Issues resolved”) showing all it’s data, irrespective of what year it’s from.

Do I do it with a CurrentMember function or in another way? Would appreciate any suggestions, please. Thank you very much!

Hi @bernardo.c ,
If you want to ignore “Time” selections for some measure, then you need to create a tuple in the “Measure” dimension using the needed measure and [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember
For example, this would be for measure “Issues created”:

([Measures].[Issues created],

Gerda //