Apply the same filter to Rows and Columns

Hello Everyone,

i would like to create a table which lists for exemple Requirement (in Rows), linked tests and linked Defects (in columns). After that, i want to apply to this table the “Fix Version” filter.
I have noticed that the filter is applied only for the Rows and not to columns.

Is there any way to apply the same filter to Rows and Columns?


Hi @Fred.M ,

I recommend using measures, like “Tests executed” and “Defects created”, in columns. Depending on the test app you are using, the Fix Version filter in pages will be applied to the measures. See a screenshot with “Zephyr Scale” integration below:

You can then see the number of test cases executed and defects created with the select Fix Version in their test cycle.

You can drill through tests and test cycles to see more detailed information.

If that does not address your question, consider sharing more details on the test integration you are using and the report definition.

See the eazyBI documentation page for more details on measures and dimensions available with several test integrations - Data from Jira apps.

Roberts //