Assistance in creating a measure that calculates deleted or added tasks from the started sprint

Good afternoon! Please tell me. Is there a measure that displays deleted or added tasks after the start of the sprint? Or please tell me how to create it.

Hi @jon33367,
For that you can use eazyBI Sprint Scope measures “Sprint issues added” and “Sprint issues removed”
Here is a report from eazyBI Demo account that uses those measures: Sprint issue balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Gerda //

Good afternoon! Thanks for the tip. but the fact is that this measure is considered wrong. I have already tried to withdraw through it.

Can you share more details why you think this measure is wrong and how it is not working as expected for your use case?

The measure “Sprint issues added” counts issues that have been moved to a selected sprint while the sprint was active.


I have a saved filter in jira and I need to interpret it in eazyBI.
project = “Запуск S4 для ГК Северсталь” AND issueFunction in addedAfterSprintStart("B2A ", “B2A Инкремент 10 - Sprint 2”) ORDER BY status ASC, issuetype ASC, summary ASC
Here’s what should happen

But in fact it turns out like this

If you add a sprint separately, it comes out like this