Automatically delete old dimensions before import

Is it possible to automatically delete old dimensions before the imports.
I would like to have only the “real” dimensions present

I import via rest api a “user” dimension that represents tempo timesheet users with their team
I would like these dimensions to be updated with user deactivated and user reactivated.
For now, I have to manually delete all data and reimport if I want the old dimensions to disappear.

Hi @JonathanBrunerie

Unfortunately, dimension members are not being automatically deleted.
If you want to get rid of old users, the only option is to manually empty the cube and reimport data.

perhaps you can explore a workaround importing user status as a property for “User” dimension using new Rest API source application (if you can find the right endpoint)
Then you could create a custom hierarchy in “User” dimension to group active users and filter the report for the active users. This property would be automatically imported then, and you could exclude inactive users from your report (not from import).

Martins / eazyBI