Average days in transition status --> Filter issues with a low value for "Days in transition status" out of calculation

Hi community,

I like the measurement “average days in transition status”. We wanna us it, to improve our teamwork.

In some cases we push a issue through the Jira Workflow to a specific status. In this case a issue has a value for “days in transition status” lower than 0.1 days.
How can I filter this issues out for the calculation of “average days in transition status”. Or is there another way to eliminate these anomalies?

Thanks for your support and best regards

Hi Community,

I got a working solution from eazyBI Support-Team:

Yes, you are right, when average days are calculated, all issues that has been transited from a status, are included in the calculation, even if they have spent only a few second in this status.

You can create a custom measure that iterates through all issues, checking whether their time spent in status is larger than 0.001 days (or select your lower limit), and then calculate average over this set of issues:

    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    [Measures].[Days in transition status]>0.001
  [Measures].[Days in transition status]/
  [Measures].[Transitions from status]

Please note this calculation could be quite slow (it depends on the number of issues in the cube and overall report structure).