Average number of resolved issues by Assignee

Hi all,
a client of mine requires a report where there must be an average number of resolved issues by assignee in time.
E.g. Jan 2018 - 11 issues, Feb 2018 - 8 issues, Mar 2018 13 issues…
Basically “(Issues resolved / Number of team members) for a specific month”.
The reports should be made yearly (so every selected year in Pages should contain 12 months - bars or whatever).
There is no group for the team members, hopefully I will convince the client to create one :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!



Hi @radimdrinka ,
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To get the number of assignees per team, you obviously may want to define a team first. It could be a calculated member in the Assignee dimension or a Jira user group (then you would import and use Assignee Group dimension).

In either case, you need to get the number of users on the team. Create a measure (in Measures) for that: the following example is the number of users in the selected Assignee User group:

NonEmptyCrossJoin([Assignee Group].CurrentMember, 

If you use Assignee dimension calculated member, retrieved all members in the calculated member using ChildrenSet() and then count them:


Then you may want to create another measure where you arithmetically divide measure “Issues resolved” by this newly created measure above.

Finally, put the report together:

  1. Select Time in Rows and in Pages; in Pages select Year level, in Rows select Month level
  2. Select this newly created average measure in the columns
  3. In Pages, select either Assignee Group or Assignee dimension and pick the needed team (jira group or calculated member).
  4. Switch to Bar chart view.

The final report could be as the following:

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

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Hi @ilze.leite,
as always - quick and helpful :slight_smile:
Thank you very much, this was helpful and the customer is satisfied!

Hi all,

I stumbled upon a problem. I needed to reduce the users so I created a smaller group. After selecting the smaller group the number of users remained the same. Later I removed the bigger group from the data source, I emptied the cube, re-imported the data but the number of users remained the same.

The problem is - there are 13 people in the group, eazyBI shows 31. I used the Assignee Group dimension. By using the Assignee dimension I get 55 (?) users. See the screenshots for the Assignee group settings.

Dan you please have a look at it? Thank you in advance!

P.S. As a new user I can put only 1 (?) image, so more messages will come.



unfortunately no response since my last message. Can you please have a look at it since the report is quite important for the customer.

Thank you!



I’m trying to do the same. Can you provide an update to what you have built? I want to count the number of assignees per sprint and divide that by the total points completed. Having a hard time counting the assignees. Thanks!