Average time in specific status during specific time period


Sorry if this has already been answered, but I could not find what I was looking for. Also, I am pretty new to eazyBI, so not sure if I am even writing the right question.

I have a report that shows me how long jiras spend in specific status on average. I have this number for “All Times”, but I want to see it for specific periods. I can get it for months, but the numbers fluctuate a lot. I found out, I think, that it only counts the issues that transitioned during the period. Is there a way to show how long issue types have been in a specific state for a period including issues that are still in that state?

Example: I want to see, on average, how long jiras were in the open status in January. The number should be based on when the issue transitioned from open to the next status. So even though the jira was open before January it is still counted here. The goal is to see what our average lead time is in specific status.

Thanks in advance!