Average workdays in transition status > issues resolved over a period of time


I am new to EazyBI, am running productivity reports for the team.

I would like to get the Average workdays in transition status (over the ticket’s lifespan), but only with issues being resolved over a period of time (tickets resolved in June i.e. resolved >= 2022-06-01 AND resolved <= 2022-06-30)

Realized I should not be using “Time” dimension for filtering, is there any ways to achieve this?

Many thanks!


Hi @clsi,

The “Average workdays in transition status” measure will work better with the Transition Status dimension. It focuses on the historical status transitions just like the measure. The Status dimension represents the current status of issues. Please read more about that here - Import issue change history.

If the ticket lifespan is from creation to resolution, I recommend the measure “Average resolution days” instead. The value will be tied to the resolution date with the Time dimension, and you can use it to filter the report.

Suppose you want to consider only specific statuses. In that case, I recommend utilizing the issue cycles functionality - Issue cycles. First, define a cycle and include statuses you want to consider in the eazyBI import options. After the data import, use the cycle resolved issue measures - “Issues with of resolved issues” and “ workdays of resolved issues” to calculate the average. For a “WIP” cycle, the calculated measure formula could look similar to the one below:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues with WIP of resolved issues] > 0
[Measures].[WIP workdays of resolved issues]
[Measures].[Issues with WIP of resolved issues]

Visit the eazyBI documentation page for more information on calculated measures -​ Calculated measures and members.