Best Practice to Filter Multiple Scrum Teams


I have been recently tasked by my company to be the EazyBI SME. We just had it installed. So, as you can imagine, there has been quite a learnig curve. Here is my question. If I want to create a dashboard (4-6 reports) that can be viewed by specific scrum teams, is it possible to add a dropdown to select by scrumteam? if not, what would be the best way to have any easy filter?

In my experience, it is easier to create a single board (already filtered by the field that indicates the teams to you) as a dimension in rows, and them share the individual URLs with each of the teams. I am assuming you use this with JIRA.

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If the Scrum Team is indicated by some Jira issue custom field, then you may want to import this field as
a dimension first: Custom field import.

Then, in each report, you may add this dimension as a Page filter. When all those reports would be published in the same eazyBI dashboard, use this dimension as a common dashboard page selection - each user would be able to select his Scrum Team and all dashboard reports would be filtered by the selected team instantly.

Also, there is an option do add dynamic page filter in the report/dashboard URL with selected scrum team value: share this URL with an added filter within teams. Read more about dynamic page filter selection.

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