Blank field need to have existing value

We have imported the due date value change in eazyBI, whenever the value changes it appears under “Due Date - Old Values”, if not, it is blank. instead we want it to be same as “Issue CF Due Date” only in case of it is empty

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You can use a formula to check if you have any values in previous due dates measure and if this is empty show current due date value.

eazyBI imports custom date previous values as a comma separated string. While there are no example of this in your screenshot, there might be several dates in old values field. I would suggest formatting the result of the formula in the same way as old values default data import - string value. Here is an example formula for this:

CASE WHEN IsEmpty([Measures].[Due Date - Old Values])
     THEN Format([Measures].[Issue CF Due Date], 'yyyy-mm-dd')
ELSE [Measures].[Due Date - Old Values]

Then you can apply a different date format to this new custom measure. Here is your topic on a formatting change for dates:

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