Break down only one Status in Epic


I’m trying to build a table like this, but I want only the Issues in the “In Review” Status by Epic, the other ones should still be summed up by Status.
The “Drill Into” Feature is only available on the “Issue History” Level, but not on the Status Level.
Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Bastian,

You could define and use the Epic Status dimension to filter measures by the status the issue epic has. See a similar answer in this community thread: Rapport of open epic and open user story/task - #6 by lauma.cirule.

The Drill into is available only for measures to drill into a particular measure by another dimension. If you do not use other measures, you can drag the dimension over which you wish to split the measure, and you will have the option to Drill across even further by other dimensions.

Lauma /