Bugs per custom field report

We have a custom field named, module - basically it defines what is the module the issue applies to.

I want to create a report of bugs per module, I want the report to summarize bug activities in the past week. I also want to to drill into support and qa bugs last week - opened vs closed.

I tried this from a few angles and failed - would love your input… thanks!

Hi, @Uris!

I imagine what you are looking for are some tuple definitions to get you the measures in the context you wish to see them.

To create the report, first, I would put the Module dimension on rows and select the Open issues on columns. Further, drag the Issue Type dimension to pages and select the Bug type to see how many bugs are open for each of the Modules.

Regarding the other measures:

Open last week - do I understand correctly that these would be issues created the previous week? In such case, the following tuple in the new calculated measure would return this (and the page filter adds that we want the bugs)

  [Measures].[Issues created],

QA bugs opened - is QA a reporter group? You can use that with the Issues created. And similar with the Support bugs open:

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Reporter Group].[QA]

For the QA and Support bugs closed, I understand this is still the same Jira user group, and you wish to see how many issues were transitioned to the closed status by this group:

  [Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
  [Transition Status].[Closed],
  [Transition Author Group].[QA]

Let me know if you have further questions!
Lauma / support@eazybi.com