Calc # of issues in the "Open" State by week

I need a graph showing the number of “open” state issues over the past 20 weeks. I tried the measure “Open Issues” but the weekly amount looks to be cumulative as it just gets larger over the weeks. It works in a JQL query for issues state in Open and DURING (weekstart(), Weekend()) and I get he correct total for the week. When I dug into the past issues, I discovered most issues were closed but also left unresolved (ie. lazy programmers). Is there a measure or a formula in EazyBI that will give me the total “open” issues for a week that were not closed or resolved?


Hi Mike,

The Open issues measure shows number of unresolved issues at the end of corresponding Time dimension period (as Issues created minus Issues resolved since beginning of time until end of selected time period). True, if issues are not resolved, this measure would count them in.

If you wish to see count of issues in it’s status at the end of selected time period, you would use the Issues history measure together with Transition status dimension. You can then select the statuses you are interested in. See similar example report here: History of unresolved issue statuses.

Kind regards,

Excellent! I like it :slight_smile: Thank you for the fast help.