Calculate a sum only when a link to another issue is present

Dear all,
I am trying make the following calculation.

Object type 1 has a field Planned Business Value which is a Number.
Object type 1 can be linked to Object type 2 via a link type called “is a child task of”.

I want to see the sum only of all Object type 1 issues which have a connection to Object Type 2 issues.

So far I have created an advanced setting update regarding the link as I read that links are not imported:

Object type 1 is called Objective (Team)
Object type 2 is called Objective (Program)

name = “Team Objectives to Program Objectives”
outward_link = “is child task of”
issue_type = “Objective (Team)”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

with Aggregate and Filter I have somehow found a way to get the total number of Type 1 issues that are linked but I don’t see a way of saying: if there is link then sum up the Planned Business Value points

Any ideas?



I have defined some new calculated measurements:

  1. ([Team Objectives to Program Objectives],[Measures].[Planned Business-Value Committed]) - where the last is a combination of Planned Business Value and another field containing two values Committed and Uncommited

  2. sum(
    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    [Issue].CurrentMember.get(‘Link Type’) MATCHES ‘is child task of’),
    [Measures].[Planned Business-Value Committed]

IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Team Objectives to Program Objectives])
[Measures].[Issues created] > 0
), [Measures].[Planned Business-Value Committed]

  1. Sum(
    IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Team Objectives to Program Objectives])
    [Measures].[Planned Business-Value Committed] > 0
    ), [Measures].[Issues created]
    This last one returns the number of the issues.

I have a feeling that the link type “is child taks of” is not beeing properly imported to easyBI :frowning:


Hi @nikola.gaydarov,

And welcome to the eazyBI community. I believe you have an internal support ticket with the same question. I will post a summary of our conversations below.

The main idea is to define the issue link via the eazyBI advanced settings - Import issue links.

Then, after importing the issue links, define a new calculated measure that iterates through the “Objective (Team)” issues. These issues have all the fields you are interested in - “Program Increment/s”, “Planned Business-Value”, “Objective Commitment”, and a link to the “Objective (Program)” issues.
The calculation will filter the desired issues and determine the result. Please see the suggested formula below:

    -- iterate through issues
    -- issues have a link to the Objective program
    Not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Team Objectives to Program Objectives])
  -- sum the business value for committed issues
  ([Measures].[Planned Business-Value created],[Objective Commitment].[Committed])

Please check the names of the dimension and measure member names in the eazyBI formula editor. With the Program Increment/s dimension in the report rows, the report should be set.

One tweak to improve the report and calculation performance is using the Issue dimension “Project” level in the report pages instead of the Project dimension. The only downside, you can’t drill through issues. So, after you verify the results, I recommend making the change.

Roberts //