Calculate Lead/Cycle Time From Specific Statuses

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I need to create a kind of custom report to show lead and cycle time from a couple projects.
The major point of this question, is that I need to use not all available statuses from my instance, but only a couple of them.
I don’t know how to configure eazyBI to show the lead and cycle time from only this statuses?
For example:

Let’s consider that I don’t want to calculate the lead time since issue creation, but only from issue priorization.

Please, let me know how can I achieve this result?

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You would like to check out our example reports in our demo accounts for Cycle and Lead times. We set a dashboard Age Lead, and Cycle Time there to represent different cases.

Here are some measures I would like to point as examples:
Cycle time for a specific set of statuses for resolved issues and measure Rolling average cycle time in particular. This measure contains two approaches. The formula by default works for any statuses in status category In Progress. There is an alternative solution where you can list a set of specified statuses. Please take it into account. There are two places in the formula you would like to update for this alternate solution.

Lead time typically includes time from Issue creation till resolution. Our default measure Average resolution days represents this concept of Lead time. If you would like to use any other dates for Lead time calculation, you can start with Min resolution days or Max resolution days calculations. Those calculations work on two dates. You would like to substitute dates and switch aggregator Min/Max to Avg, as well.

You can use any set of dates in the formula. If you have some issue custom date field imported as a property, you can use it in the formula.

You can also use some dates representing value changes. Here I used the last date when a priority was set to any issue and Issue resolution date:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues resolved] > 0 THEN
      Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
        [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Resolved at'),
    CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues resolved] > 0
       [Measures].[Transition to last timestamp],
       [Transition Field].[Priority],
       [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Resolved at')

eazyBI enables change history import for Priority (issue type, resolution, status, Sprints) by default. You can enable this for select lists with single values as well. You would like to address the field you would like to analyze for changes as a member of the dimension Transition field in a tuple with some historical measure.

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I am using EazyBI for Jira Version 4.3.2 and would like to modify the above Avg Resolution Days (Lead Time) calculation to begin when the Issue is Assigned to someone. Is that possible? Thanks.