Calculate new issues and overal issues based on customer data field

Dear There,

I got a request here and I’m not sure how to calculate. We got a project with all kinds of issues, with a data field “Escalation Type” showing color values of RED, Yellow (which means they are mad issues).

When they are resolved, their value will be updated from RED/Yellow to Green.

We now need to calculate, on monthly basis, how many RED and Yellow issues were created and overall number of active open issues in those colors.

Any comment please kindly help. Thanks!


You may want to import change history for “Escalation Type” custom field: here is described how to do that by adding Advanced Setting for the field

The only precondition: “Escalation Type” should be a single-value field.

To achieve that, you may want to do the following:

  1. Add advanced settings:

    data_type = "string"
    dimension = true
    separate_table = true
    changes = true
  2. Perform data import twice :

  • first, unselect “Escalation Type” field from data import at all (to drop all existing database structures for this field),
  • then select this field to be imported as a dimension with value changes and run the data import again.
  1. After double import, changes should be imported for the field.

  2. Create a report using “Escalation Type” dimension together with measure “Issues history” and select Time in the report as well.
    Now issues would be counted by their historical escalation type value at the end of each selected time period.

  3. To get open issues at the end of each period, add “Resolution” dimension value “(unresolved)” in the report Pages or create a measure with a tuple from measure “Issues history” and [Resolution].[(unresolved)].

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