Calculate time between two custom field


I have 2 custom fields in my jira service desk, one for issue start date and time and one for issue end date and time. In Jira I have a field that shows me, in minutes, the time between the two fields. I’d like to have something similar in eazyBI. I’d also then like to be able to average this out over time to show the average time resolution.

How is this possible please?

Hi Anthony,

Do I understand correctly that you have a separate Jira custom field with the already calculated time difference in minutes (a numeric field)?

Then you may want to import this custom field (I named it “Minutes”) as a measure: after data import, you would get a set of related measures. From them, you may use custom field measure “Minutes resolved” (total Minutes from resolved issues) and hidden custom field measure “Issues with Minutes resolved” (count of resolved issues having Minutes value):

[Measures].[Issues with Minutes resolved]>0
[Measures].[Issues Minutes resolved]
[Measures].[Issues with Minutes resolved]

Use the custom field name instead of “Minutes” in measures!