Calculate total issues by type per month, filtered by sprint name

I’m trying to create a report that shows the total number of issues created by type filtered by certain sprint names.

I did lots of attempts but I’m always getting a “#ERR:…”

The simplest I tried was:
[Measures].[Issue Sprints] MATCHES ‘.(name).

Another attempt was:
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Sprint IDs’) MATCHES ‘.(name).

Any suggestion?


Hi @pgordalina,

The error message indicates that there is a data type mismatch for comparison.
That might happen if you do not have a specific issue defined for retrieving its Sprints.

You might put the Project dimension on report rows, the Issue Type on report columns, and the Sprint dimension on report pages.
You might use a calculated member in Sprint dimension (Calculated members in other dimensions) or multiple-selection to choose the relevant sprints.

Oskars /