Calculated measure for a subset of transition statuses

Our Jira workflow contains a number of transition statuses, and I’m using average days in transition status to generate a Cycle Time report. Now, I need to generate some totals from those values, e.g. I need to add transition statuses 1 + 2 (excluding statuses 3, 4, 5, etc.) to generate a new value. Any help on how to build a new calculated member appreciated.

Hi @nickY,

To get cycle time, you might want to use measures and dimensions designed for issue change history: Import issue change history - eazyBI for Jira.
For example, you might want to use dimension Transition Status with handpicked statuses 1 and 2 and measure “Days in transition status”.

You may use dimension “Transition Status” on pages and select multiple statuses of interest in a filter. Or you may define a new calculated member in Transition Status dimension and aggregate statuses that represents the cycle:

  [Transition Status].[status 1],
  [Transition Status].[status 2]

Then you can use this calculated member in the report on pages, row, columns, and even in calculated measures.

Check out the solution on a similar use case here:

Zane /