Calculated measure -> To count only 8 hours per day in Transition Status

Hi Team,

The measure “Average workdays in transition status” will count 24 hours per day, but I want the measure to count only 8 hours per day(working hours).
How this can be achieved?

Suchithra S

Hi @Suchithra,

Calculating the time spent in status during working hours (not only during working days) would definitely be a helpful measure. Unfortunately, for now, there is no good solution we can offer for this. However, there is an idea in our backlog to allow adding working hours as a parameter to the account, and then possibly we could pre-calculate this during import. We will update this post when anything new regarding this appears.

Meanwhile, you may try to pre-calculate this with a JavaScript calculated custom field.

Lauma /

Hi @lauma.cirule ,

Can we achieve this by creating “user defined measure” ?

Suchithra S


Unfortunately, while there is no DateDiffWorkHours() function in eazyBI, this also is not possible with MDX calculation. Adding such a default function is also in the eazyBI backlog.

Lauma /