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Good afternoon :slight_smile:
Im really new at this and i Just cant seem to get it rght.
Essentially I’m trying to get all open issues that DO NOT have a date in my custom field “Planned Fix Date” Im trying with
IsEmpty([Measures].[Issues with planned fix date])

Am i missing something?


In this case, you could try this code instead:

[Measures].[Issues created] - [Measures].[Issues with planned fix date]

It would subtract issues with planned fix date from total issues.
But that may mislead you if you use this calculation together with “Time” dimension as then you would only look at issues who were created in selected time and issues who have planned fix date in selected time. I hope it helps!

Martins / eazyBI support

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Thank You Very much For this !
It solved my problem
I’m learnng more and more every day :grin:

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