Calculating cost of incident

I am moving over to eazyBI and want to get away from excel. However, in one of my excel books, I have a calcualtion below:

This would translate to =IF(custom_field = Mobile, custom_field_Lost Agent Hours*£17.44)

The question is, how do I get the translation into eazyBI? This would likely be a nested formula as it in in my excel sheet:
=IF(C1150=“Mobile”,AG1150MOBCUST, IF(C1150=“Broadband”,AG1150CUSTCOST, IF(C1150=“WLR”,AG1150CUSTCOST, IF(C1150=“TV”,AG1150CUSTCOST))))

Is this even possible?

Hi Anthony,

Yes, you can do the finest calculations in eazyBI, using MDX calculated members.

First, you need to import the first custom field (having values Mobile, Broadband etc) as a dimension and a property, and import custom field “Lost Agent Hours” as a measure (and property as well). More about custom field import:

Then you may want to create a new measure (in Measures). If you want to use issues in the report rows, this calculation could be quite simple with CASE WHEN … THEN construction:

In the condition part, you would check the custom field value for the issue using issue property "Issue ", in the statement part you multiply measure “Lost Agent Hours created” with needed value:

[Measures].[Issue <Custom field>] = "Mobile"
[Measures].[Lost Agent Hours created]*17.44
[Measures].[Issue <Custom field>] = "Broadband"
[Measures].[Lost Agent Hours created]*18.99

If you need a different report (not with issues in rows), then the calculation should be a bit different. Also, if you already have those parameters (17.44 for Mobile, 18.99 for Broadband etc) somewhere stored, you can import them additionally in the Jira issue cube: then the calculation also should be modified.

For those cases, it would better to contact for further discussions.


Excellent, thanks very much