Calculating Difference Between Hours Spent vs. Hours Estimated to Quantify Overages


I’m looking to find the difference between one set of values in one column with another set of values in another column. Specifically, I want to note any overages from time logged in Tempo vs. Time Estimated in Jira in the example below:

For instance, in this example, I’d like to see a value of 2.5 in the pink box. Additionally, I’d like these values to add up within the Total row at the bottom of my table.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hi @Matt_Werner
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You may want to create a new measure (in Measures) for Overages where you subtract one measure from another. There is how to create a new measure: Calculated measures - eazyBI

The formula for such a measure could be the following:

[Measures].[Tempo billed hours] - [Measures].[Original estimated hours with sub-tasks]

Ilze /

Thank you! That worked perfectly.