Calculation based on filtered measures

Apologies up front for a newbie question!

I’m trying to build my first report from Jira data.
I want to be able to see over time, three different issue types and calculate a ratio.

  1. Bug (issue type) created but filtered by a bug custom field value = x
  2. Incident (Issue type) created but filtered by a multi-select field value contains y
  3. Release (issue type) resolved

I then want to be able to add my bug + incident counts and divide the total by releases.

I’ve gone down some dead ends trying to create this, so some pointers on where to start would be appreciated

Going to answer my own question for the benefit of other newbies…

I created a few user defined measures - simple tuples for issue type and filter value. E.g.

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug],

Then created a calculated measure to add two measures into a third measure and a calculated measure to divide two calculated measures.

There are probably quicker and more elegant approaches but this does the job for my first attempt!


Hi @PaulO ,

Welcome to the eazyBI community! I am happy you worked it out on your own.

Your approach is performance efficient and easy to maintain. Good work :+1:

Roberts //