Can not migrate database on eazybi private instance


I’ve just set up eazybi private instance, however I am not able to use the database migration feature. No matter what parameters I give it, I get the same 500 status code response. I checked the logs and it seems the following exception is caught:

2021-07-27 01:56:40 +0300 INFO: [c188793a:fd87d9be] Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 58ms (ActiveRecord: 2.7ms)
2021-07-27 01:56:40 +0300 FATAL: [c188793a:fd87d9be] 
2021-07-27 01:56:40 +0300 FATAL: [c188793a:fd87d9be] NameError (uninitialized constant Admin::DatabaseMigrator::SourceParams::EazybiP2):'

I’ve already tried reinstalling it, but to no good. Any insight on why this might be happening?


Hi, from your logs it is hard to say what exactly went wrong. Please elaborate a bit more what to where you want to migrate. Also, please send the full log files to

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