Can we get the report in which the issue when a specific transition is used in the workflow?


I am new to EazyBI & I am trying to pull out some reports from my Jira Cloud instance.

I have a closed loop transition in my Jira workflow using which the story can be transitioned from any status to itself. I need to pull a report on what are all the stories have used that transition.

In the Screen Shot attached, I want to know what are the stories that used the "Defer" transition.

Can any one help me out in this use case please.

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Ganesh Kumar


For this, I think you want to put the dimension with your stories in ROW.
In Measure (COLUMN), select Transition To Status
In Column, beside Measure, add Transition to Status dimension
In Transition to status dimension, use the Search and Bookmark option to select only Defer status.

That should do it.

Remember that EazyBI is normally much better at counting then at listing. If you are trying to list hundreds of stories, your report might time out or run out of memory.

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Hi @Marilou ,

Thanks for the quick response. The defer here is not a status name but is a transition name. Defer is a closed loop transition from any status to itself. May I know if there is any way to define a particular transition in eazyBI.

You can check if the dimension Transition can work here. The dimension Transition shows the source and destination statuses, for example, the transition In Progress => In Progess represents the issue moved from the status In Progress to the same status In Progress.

However, it will not show the transition (button) name in Jira. Jira does not store what transition (button) was initiated. It stores the source and destination status only. If you would like to analyze changes by particular button name there will be no option to do this. We won’t be able to distinguish this from a similar activity.

You can consider adding an additional custom field in JIra and will in a specific value in the field when a particular transition is initiated. It will allow you to analyze the information both in Jira and eazyBI.

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