Cannot import from Rest Api to issues cube


I have imported issues from Jira into eazyBI for a specific project that contains all issues regarding deploys to production. The deploys are registrered as a Jira-issue (i.e PROD-xxxx). But not all deploys are registrered in Jira and some are registrered in another system. My goal is to have a report that consists of both Jira data and data from the other source (REST API) in one report.

I have a REST API link with all the data that i want to map into the issues cube. The data in the API is Json that consists of following example:

    "application": "speil",
    "environment": "p",
    "version": "f91c9fe",
    "deployer": "naiserator",
    "deployed_timestamp": "2019-08-02T12:17:08.670Z",
    "replaced_timestamp": "2019-08-05T12:27:36.051Z",
    "environmentClass": "p",
    "id": "5d4429c471c41984fb16cf18"

Here i want to map “application” to Issue dimension and level with option “Key column” and skip missing. I want also “version” and “deployed_timestamp” to be mapped to same dimension and level with property name as same as field name (“version” and “deployed_timestamp”). See following attachment for the configuration:

I was able to start importing but the problem is that nothing gets imported. When i create a new report i can’t find anything from the data in the REST API.

Maybe i’m doing this the wrong way or that i have misunderstood the concept of mapping, that this is not achievable.

If there is a another way to do this i would appreciate some tips or guidelines on this:)

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Hi Peder,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

Based on your case, it seems you would need to create new records in the existing dimensions of the Jira issue cube, and this is not allowed using additional data import into Jira issues cube; in such a way, only properties to existing dimension members as well as measures could be imported. Therefore, your imports were empty, as you did not have any existing issues you would map application data to. Without “skip missing”, the import would fail with the error that no record to map data to was found.

You may import application data in a separate cube, where you define all needed dimensions.
You won’t be able to get those data in the same report with Jira data. Still, you can create a new eazyBI dashboard where you put side by side a report build on Jira data as well as a report build on application data.

Ilze /