Can't delete a report specific measure

I have a report specific measure I created called ‘xxx’. I created it temporarily but for some reason i cannot delete it.

1.) Ensure ‘xxx’ is not used/displayed as a measure
2.) Open the report specific measure ‘xxx’ by clicking ‘edit’
3.) Click delete button.
4.) Edit dialogue closes, the measure is NOT deleted.

Workaround seems to be:

1.) Export the report definition to a {something}.json file
2.) find the offending ‘xxx’ measure and delete the definition in the json
3.) re-import the report - I chose to overwrite the report.

WARNING: make a backup of the report before you do this :slight_smile:

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Hi @bbb,

It is great to hear you got through on your own.
However, we would be grateful if you could share more details - Jira Cloud/ Data Center, what measure, user role, etc. in an e-mail to to investigate if that was a one-time glitch or a bug requiring a fix.

Oskars /