Capture Bugs status at end of each Sprint

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If you please help me , to can get the no of “Postponed” Bugs at the end of each sprint , which not affected by the change of status for that bug in the upcoming sprints.
i.e : if I have 1 postponed Bug at the end of sprint 5 & this Bug will be reopened and resolved in sprint 6I want to get 1 postponed Bug at sprint 5 & 0 postponed Bug at sprint 6.
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Hi @Ahmed_Shehata,
You could use sprint scope measures “Sprint issues completed” and “Sprint issues not completed” to see which issues have been done or not done at the Sprint closing moment. And then, you can filter your report by “Issue type” dimension value “Bug”
See an example here: Sprint issue balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

But if you are defining your postponed bugs by status, then you can create a calculated measure using “Sprint issues at closing” together with the “Transition status” dimension:

([Transition Status].[Postponed],
[Issue Type].[Bug],
[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing])

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Thanks for your answer