Case Statement for selected page type

I want to make a case statement that checks for the current selected logged hours by a team from pages then only shows a specific projects hours for that team. For example if I wanted it to be Service desk as seen below.

I tried this with just checking if the current name is service desk in various way but I would encounter various errors.

Any help is appreciated

Hi @WilliamTrebes,

The CASE WHEN statement looks for the Logged by Team current member level name. To check whether the actual member name is the one you are looking for, use [Logged by Team].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name instead.

Another option is referencing the exact member. In that case, the statement could look similar to the one below:

CASE WHEN [Logged by Team].CurrentMember IS [Logged by Team].[Service Desk]

By the way, you have the year “2021” selected in the page filter. In such a configuration, the calculated measure will look for the yearly average of hours spent in the year 2021 and 3 years prior to it.

Roberts //