Case When and assign status category

I need group some statues in Categories, even if they are not on the Category where belongs on Jira.
I have three statuses:
‘In Stage’ which is set to be ‘In Progress’ category in Jira
‘Building’ which is set to be ‘Todo’ category in Jira
‘Approved’ which is set to be ‘In Progress’ category in Jira

By requirement, I cannot modify the Status Category in Jira, so how can I set this on EazyBI? How can I do a case like

CASE [Status].[Status].Name
WHEN “In STAGE” THEN “Done” (Or assign the Category to Done)
WHEN “Building” THEN “Done”
ELSE [Status].[Status].Name

Any idea? Is this possible?

You can’t change the default hierarchy and force any status to another status category in eazyBI.

I would suggest defining three new calculated members, one per each “category” in Status dimension. You can list all statuses you would like to include in a “category”.

For example, Let’s assume you have two statuses In Progress and In Stage, you would like to have in “category” In Progress, then you can define a new calculated member in Status dimension listing both statuses in a comma separated list for the function Aggregate:

  [Status].[In Progress],
  [Status].[In Stage]

You can list any statuses with the pattern described above on this coma separate list for this “category”. The create the same calculated member for To Do and for Done as well. Please take into account you might need to use a bit different name for them if you have statuses with the same names.

Then you can select those calculated members in your reports or formulas.

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Hi Daina,

Let’s assume I have a calculated member in status dimension called DoneState. How can I use it in “Case” statement to avoid further calculation?

NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue due date])
DateDiffWorkdays(Now(), [Measures].[Issue due date]) +1

Here I want to avoid calculation for the issues that are not in DoneState(which is the aggregated member) and have no due date