Cell formatting based on multiple colums

Hi, is it possible to have conditional cell formatting that’s based on multiple columns?

I have columns for Due Date and Status and I’ve got Red, Yellow, Green configured for the Due Date using:

But I also want to factor in the Status column and if the Status is Resolved or Closed then I just want the color to be green irrespective of what the actual date is.

I’ve tried adding a CASE statement as a Custom formula, but keeping getting a message that no function matches that signature:

CASE [Measures].[Issue status]
  WHEN "Resolved" then "tomorrow"
  WHEN "Closed" then "tomorrow"
  ELSE [Measures].[Issue due date]

I think I’ve figured it out from the sample report at My To-Do list - Confluence - Confluence public demo - eazyBI

I ditched the Red, Yellow, Green and used the following Custom formula:

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